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{1st Birthday Princess}
Happy 1st Birthday
Alysa My-Duyen

{Alysa 1st Birthday}

{Alysa is 1 yr old}

Watch Alysa grow bigger each day....

Lilypie 2nd Birthday PicLilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker

{Alysa Birthday Party}

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{Little Princess Alysa}

{Happy Birthday Alysa}

1st Birthday

{Princess centerpiece}


{Cinderella slipper centerpiece}

Cinderella slipper

{Birthday Present for ALysa from family member only}

Birthday Girl

{Alysa Birthday}

1st Birthday

{Birthday party at Thanh Duoc Restaurant}

1st Birthday

{Alysa at Thanh Duoc Restaurant}

1st Birthday

{Princess Ball}

Princess Ball

{Fairy Tale Dream come true}

1st Birthday

{Alysa and guests}

Birthday Girl

{Alysa's Centerpiece}

Birthday Centerpiece

{Centerpiece for Alysa party}

Birthday Decor

{Birthday cake}

Birthday Cake

{Alysa and her cousin}

Birthday girl

{Centerpieces for the party}

Princess Ball

{First Birthday is special}

{My princess Alysa}
{My Duyen mean Beautiful, pretty}

{A little princess will be born soon} {Snow White}

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Baby Alysa

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Alysa First Birthday

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Alysa First Birthday Page 2

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Alysa First Birthday Page 3

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Alysa Second Birthday Page 1

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