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{1st Birthday Princess}
{Priness Birthday Party}
Royal Menu
Thanh Duoc Restaurant

1. Combination Chow Mein for kids (Mi Xao Thap Cam)
2. Schezwan Beef (Bo` 4 Xuyen)
3. Grilled chicken w/ Lemon grass (Ga nuong xa)
4. Sauteed Green Mussel in black bean sauce, (Chem chep xao tau xi)
5. Boneless crispy duck w/ mixed vegetable (vit rut xuong chien don)
6. Sauteed Shrimp, Scallop w/ Mixed Vegetables (Do bien Xao Thap Cam)
7. Large Mixed Seafood Firepot (lau canh chua do bien)
8. Rice
9. Disney Princess Agar & Fruit
10. Disney Princess Cake dessert

{Alysa 1st Birthday}

There will be goodies for all the princesses

{Cinderellalysa Ball}
{Alysa 1st Birthday}

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Baby Alysa

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Alysa First Birthday Pictures

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